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Best Keto Diet Products Services Shopping List

Best Keto Products & Services Roundup – Top Ketogenic Diet Resource List

Looking for the best keto products? I have created a collection of some of the the top keto diet products and services available. I will continue to add products over time, so be sure to check back in for updates.

My goal is to create the best ketogenic diet product and service resource online.

Whether you have been living the keto lifestyle for a while or are just beginning your keto journey, I'm sure you'll love this comprehensive guide to the BEST keto products!

Best Keto Macro Calculator/ Diet Meal Plan Generators:

Are you starting on a ketogenic diet and want to calculate your macros? Check out these easy-to-use keto macro calculators to determine exactly how many grams of carbs, fat and protein you need to eat.

Simply input your attributes and goals to find out how to eat to get into ketosis.

These online systems even generate full diet meal plans based on your specific body type, activity levels, needs and goals.

Keto Custom Plan System

best keto diet calculator

Auto create your own keto meal plan and learn exactly what macros you need to hit each day, and see what food you should eat. 

Custom Keto Diet System

 Calculate your macros and generate your own unique 8 week keto diet plan based on your food preferences, daily activity levels, height, weight and target weight goals | 60% OFF (LIMITED TIME)

Low Carb / Keto Planner

This service makes keto a breeze to follow by sending pre-calculated, low carb meal plans and recipes right into your inbox | FREE TRIAL OFFER

Best Keto Treats:

Going keto doesn't mean that you will have to give up your treat meals. There are plenty of yummy keto snack options that can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, without having to take a sugar hit.

Here are a few delicious guilt free options that you can enjoy without having to be worried about been knocked out of ketosis.

Keto Snack Bars

 With just 3g net carbs, 9g protein and 20g of fat per serving these cookie dough-flavored Keto Bars are the perfect snack to keep you in ketosis and burning fat all day long. USE CODE KMK10 SAVE 10% OFF SITE WIDE

Keto Chocolate

Treat yourself to the first-ever, MCT oil-infused, sugar-free Keto Chocolate. Perfect for anyone who’s ever struggled with transitioning away from carbs. Use Code KMK10 Save 10% OFF Site Wide

Ice Chips Candy

 There's a new keto friendly alternative when it comes to sweets. "Ice Chips" is Non-GMO, Organic & Kosher Certified, with over 20 different flavors.

Best Meat Products and Services:

Are you after some delicious protein snacks for your keto journey? Check out these meat treats and quality grass fed meat prescription services. 

Caveman Meat Bites

The Bites Variety Pack is the perfect protein-packed snack to feed your inner Caveman and tribe. Choose from three savory flavors: Sriracha Chicken, Maple Pork, and Sweet & Smoky Turkey to take with you on-the-go or enjoy as an office snack. 

Butcher Box

 Get grass-fed & grass-finished beef,
heritage breed pork and
free-range organic chicken delivered, for free, right to your door. Each box, whether it's chosen by you or curated by Butcher Box, is perfectly packed and portioned for your needs. 

Chomps Meat Sticks

Chomps makes healthy, keto friendly protein packed meat snacks with just a few high-quality ingredients. Chomps are made from humane and sustainably sourced meat, handful of natural spices.

Best Keto Testers:

If you read my ultimate beginners guide to the ketogenic diet you would know that there are multiple ways to test ketone levels. Here are a few of the best keto testers currently available for purchase.

Ketone Urine Test Strips

 Simply urinate on a ketone strip for about 10 seconds, and the color will change based on your ketone levels.

Keto Test Bundle

Best Keto Tester Bundles

This bundle has everything you need for keto success, including ketone/glucose meter plus Bluetooth connector.

Ketone/Glucose Meter

Best Keto Testers 1

The Keto-Mojo meter and testing strips utilize the most advanced technology in glucose and ketone testing.

Best Keto Friendly Protein Powders :

You won't need to consume huge amounts of protein on the keto diet, but having access to a very high quality protein can make sure that you consistently hit your protein targets. The industry is full of poor quality protein supplements, many of which will kick you out of ketosis. Here are a few very high quality protein supplement options that are keto friendly.

Grass Fed Whey Protein

Find exactly what you’re looking for in ProMix’s line of expertly sourced grass-fed whey protein supplements for those following a keto diet.


Protein Blend

There is no best protein powder, but there is a best protein powder for you. Losing weight? Building muscle? Vegan? Let Gainful calculate the exact ratio of ingredients you need to reach your goals.

Keto Protein

This delicious birthday cake flavored keto protein will help you build muscle and also satisfy your sweet cravings.The MCT Oil powder gives you a boost in clean energy and mental clarity.

Best Exogenous Ketone/ Fat Burner Supplements :

Exogenous ketones can be used to help you transition into ketosis as they have been shown to help reduce keto flu symptoms. They can also help keep your appetite levels low and fat burning rate high. 

Exogenous Ketones with Electrolytes

Get Into ketosis faster With Kiss My Keto Exogenous Ketones. Use Code KMK10 Save 10% OFF Site Wide

KetoGenic Accelerator

KetoGenic Accelerator uses NO fillers and ALL Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) making it one of the most potent formulas available to the public. A trusted, science based formula designed to increase your ability to burn fat. 30 DAY FREE TRIAL OFFER (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

KetoAF Superfuel

BHB AND MCT is what makes KetoAF™ SuperFuel different from all the other exogenous ketones. Use Code 20_Off and Save 20% OFF Site Wide

Best Keto Nootropics :

Taking Nootropics alongside your diet may enhance the neuroprotective benefits of ketosis. They may also help us get into ketosis a little easier, ultimately helping with weight loss and productivity.

Keto Nootropic

Ketogenic Nootropic - Brain Support Supplement - Energy, Memory and Focus - MCT, Coconut Oil, Caffeine, Rhodiola Rosea... | Code 20_Off Save 20% OFF Site Wide

Keto Focus

Keto Focus is a premium nootropic stack with fast-acting, brain-boosting ingredients that have been formulated to help enhance your mental performance (memory, focus, mental clarity); promote positive moods, and increase energy naturally.


Brain food by TruBrain is designed by UCLA-trained neuroscientists to help you hack your brain so you can reach your true potential and get more out of life.

Best Keto MCT Oil :

MCT's are a unique type of fatty acid found in coconut oil that are a much faster source of energy than most longer chain fatty acids. MCTs support mental clarity and sharpness so many people take these for a mental boost. These are your fast, and lasting (non-stimulant) energy boost.

MCT Soft Gels

Combining the Keto diet with MCT oil, is the perfect one-two combo that gets you into ketosis fast… With more mental clarity and energy than ever!

Keto C8 Brain Fuel

C8 (Caprylic Acid), aka “brain fuel” is 100% extracted from coconuts. It is nature’s richest and cleanest source of efficient energy for the brains & body — especially in comparison to glucose.

Best Keto Electrolytes :

Electrolyte balance is one of the most critical - yet often overlooked - components of a successful and enjoyable ketogenic diet experience. A shortage in electrolytes can lead to muscle cramps, brain fog, headaches, low energy, and digestive and sleep issues that are commonly referred to in keto circles as the “keto flu”. Make sure you get your electrolytes in on keto!

Keto Replenish - Electrolytes Capsules

Keto Replenish Electrolytes Capsules contain all the essential electrolytes that your body need which will help you replenish your body and make you feel refresh and have more energy.

Keto Replenish - Electrolytes Powder

Avoid the dreaded keto flu by consuming electrolytes daily. Electrolytes become even more vital if you are practicing intermittent fasting.

Best Keto Recipes and Cookbooks (Instant Download):

Sticking to a keto diet can be tough when you hit a recipe rut, eating the same meal every night or week. Dietary restrictions, like being dairy-free, can also pose quite the predicament when sifting through keto recipes. Whether you're a keto diet beginner or you've hit a recipe rut, these the keto diet books make following a low-carb, high-fat diet so much easier. Some of these even come with full meal plans to ensure that you will succeed on your keto journey.

Keto Reboot Cookbook

This E-Book contains over 100 easy low carb keto approved recipes plus a 30 Day Meal Plan. It also ships with free supplements and keto exercise book.

The Ketosis Cookbook

 This E-Book Comes with over 370 easy-to-prepare Keto recipes complete with Nutritional Information and a 12 Week Meal Plan + 4 Bonus Gifts $125 $47

The Keto Beginning

The resources, meal plans and recipes in The Keto Beginning offer a unique guidance system to attaining total body confidence and regulated metabolism.

Best Keto Products Final Thoughts:

I hope you enjoyed this collection of some of the best keto products and services available.

Have you tried any of these products? Which one would you like to try, or think would be helpful on your ketogenic diet journey.

Please let me know in the comments section below!

I will continue to update this page on a regular basis so be sure to come back and check for the newest keto products and services.