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Best Exercise Equipment, Products and Services Roundup

Are you looking for the best exercise equipment that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals? I have created a collection of some of the best exercise related products currently available. Note: If you want to learn about the basics of exercise and how it can help you become healthier, happier and stronger please checkout […]

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Beginner's Guide To Exercise

The Beginner’s Guide To Exercise + The Top Cardio, Weight Training and Balance Exercises Of All-Time

Physical activity or exercise is very important for mental and physical health and should be incorporated into every persons daily routine. I personally love to combine daily exercise with other practices such as intermittent fasting and the Wim Hof method for a more holistic approach to health, happiness and strength. Exercise can improve your health and reduce […]

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Best CBD Products

Best CBD Products Roundup: Top CBD Oil, Edibles Plus More!

Are you looking for the best Cannabidiol (CBD) products that you can buy online? I have created a collection of some of the best CBD oil products available. I have also listed CBD product coupon codes where possible, so you can take advantage of these special offers from a range of leading CBD suppliers. This is the ultimate […]

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Beginner’s Guide to CBD

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Cannabidiol (CDB): What Is CBD It and How Can It Help You?

Quick Navigation What is Cannabidiol (CBD) And How Is It Different From Marijuana?Introduction To CBD’s Effect On The Human Endocannabinoid System How Do You Take CBD?Oils and tincturesCreams and lotionsCapsules and pillsCBD Gummies and Other EdiblesVaping As U.S. states and many other countries begin to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis, the market has enjoyed an […]

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Ultimate Beginners Guide To Fasting For Weight Loss and Longevity

Quick Navigation Why Should You Consider Fasting?16:8 Intermittent Fasting Is Most Popular Fasting Method, But Is It The Best Way To Fast For Weight Loss and Longevity?Why Should You Consider Biological Fasting?The Phases Of FastingIntermittent Fasting Vs The Fasting Mimicking DietWhy Prolon Is Superior To Popular Fasting MethodsThe 5-Day Fast You Can Do! Why Should You […]

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Biohacker Shop

Best Biohacking Products and Services Roundup – Ultimate Resource List For Biohackers

Are you looking for the best biohacking products and services? I have created a collection of some of the top biohacking tech products and services available.This is the ultimate collection of biohacking and self-quantification resources, from lab tests to diet, tech, environment, sleep, training, recovery, and more.  Some of these products I use daily, but most are […]

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Nutrigenomics: How To DNA Test For Nutrition and Health

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Nutrigenomics: How To DNA Test For Nutrition and Health

Quick Navigation What Is Nutrigenomics And What Is The Point Of Nutrigenomic Testing?How Can Nutrigenomics Help You Find The “Perfect” Diet?Nutrition DNA Test: The Blueprint To Your Unique Biochemistry Nutrition DNA Test Components and ResultsBest Nutrigenomic Test Kit  What Is Nutrigenomics And What Is The Point Of Nutrigenomic Testing?Nutrigenomics is a field of genetics that helps in determining […]

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Best Keto Diet Products Services Shopping List

Best Keto Products & Services Roundup – Top Ketogenic Diet Resource List

Looking for the best keto products? I have created a collection of some of the the top keto diet products and services available. I will continue to add products over time, so be sure to check back in for updates.My goal is to create the best ketogenic diet product and service resource online. Whether you have […]

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide To The Ketogenic Diet : What To Eat, How To Test + Resources

Major Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet: Lose Body Fat – Studies have shown significantly faster fat loss from a keto diet than a high carb low fat diet.  Reduced hunger Cravings – Studies show that hunger can be significantly reduced on a ketogenic diet. This greatly reduces the chances of ‘bingeing’ you may have encountered […]

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Wim Hof Diet, Nutrition and Fasting (Keto and Vegetarian O.M.A.D)

Wim Hof Diet & Nutrition: Combining The W.H.M With Keto & Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss & Health

Wim Hof Diet and NutritionAfter listening to all the best Wim Hof podcast interviews I could find online, the only info I could gather about Wim Hof’s diet is that he is a vegetarian. The details Wim shares about his diet and nutrition are very vague, however he has openly stated that he practices intermittent fasting. In […]

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